Brian Kisner Outreach

Let me introduce myself

I am Brian

My Message

Prayer, that’s my message, until we can love one another enough to pray and seek the face of God for one another then we are falling short of life as God intended.

 There is nothing as sacred as honor

And nothing so loyal as love

God is honorable and loyal.  God is love 

I have been actively serving in the Kingdom of God for 41 years and I am passionate and purposeful in my service to God. There are right ways to do things and then there are righteous ways to do and purpose our lives.

Ps 121 I will life up my eyes to the mountains: from where comes my help? My help comes from the Lord

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.


Born Again in 1979 when a gas can fire took my face. I told
God if He gave me back my face< I would serve Him all the days of my Life. I was restored in 14 days, and have kept my vow ever since.


I have a Master degree in Pastoral Leadership and Honorary Doctorate in Community and Leadership. I serve at the pleasure of my King.



I founded Bread of Life Tabernacle of Uniontown. The Uniontown Community Storehouse, Developed Brian Kisner Outreach, and provide leadership to Emerge Tampa Ministries and Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry of Tampa Florida


My life goal is PRAYER, that is the essence of Life on this earth, to love and be passionate in it, and to pray and seek the face of a living God.

Prayer is my Passion, Teaching is my Purpose.