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Our hearts are towards prayer. We love prayer and intercession. We love teaching intercession and truth, whether online or in a traditional class setting.

“The Watchman on the Wall” can be purchased at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle

or you can request a copy on the contact page and we can ship it to you.

Quality Results

Without proper prayer we have no results. We desire to both teach intercession, and be part of a bigger picture of prayer needed in the earth. We will connect on Zoom starting in January, 2002 on Wednesday evenings f rom 7:30 to 8:30, We encourage you to get your favorite beverage and join us. On the contact page provide us with your name and email address, and you will receive email instructions at 5 pm on that Wednesday. We also meet as a community on Sunday morning.

Please feel free to join. As we get to know you, we will encourage you to be more involved. Warning; any attitude or arguing during the Zoom meeting, will result in instantly being removed. Our goal is to provide a safe Christian atmosphere of love and discipleship.


Brian has been effectively praying and interceding for over 30 years as an intercessor. Through His personal trial of facing death from health issues, He learned the necessity to walk close to the Master. His desire is to teach those perspectives and train others.

Sharon is Prophetic. It just who she is; her personal life has led her to speak truth to many disciples and help them on their journey.


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